Bike Vault Bike Reg Kit

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Buy a BIKE REG KIT and lock unique ID to your Bike and in the Vault, so it can be easily scanned, searched and identified!

The BIKE REG KIT includes:

  • BIKE ID LABEL - A High bond tamper evident security label with *UV Trace - Ghost ID and a QR code that can be easily scanned using a mobile phone to determine if your bike is listed as SAFE or STOLEN.
  • PIN CODE - Lock your ID to your bike on the Australian Bike Vault database.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS - The pin code unlocks the ability to add up to 20 photographs in your personal BIKE VAULT when you register for FREE!

*UV TRACE (UVT) -  The BIKE ID label has a special acrylic adhesive compound impregnated with fluorescence molecules that are designed to penetrate into the surface coat of painted/clear coat substrates and leave a UV-detectable trace.  Ghost ID is highlighted by a black light torch when the label removed is removed from a suitable surface and after appropriate application.

  • UV Trace is used by major automotive manufacturers for VIN identification protection. 
  • Some painted and lacquered surfaces may resist the UVT.
  • UVT will not perform on e-coat surfaces and uncoated aluminium, steel and carbon fibre.
  • Best results are found after 14 days of application.
  • The UVT mark left by the adhesive is just outside the visible light spectrum.  In some combinations of light, angle of reflection and component colour may cause the mark to be visible.