Pinarello Bikes Melbourne

Pinarello frames have been ridden to victory in one-day road races like Milan-San Remo, Paris-Nice, Ghent-Wevelgem, Tour of Lombardy, and the Olympic Games. They've held their own -- to say the least -- in stage races as well, including countless stage victories, as well as overall victory, in the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France. The list of pros who found greatness riding a Pinarello is epic: Cipollini, Indurain, Riis, Zabel, Ullrich, Petacchi, Valverde, and Pereiro top the list. But it's not the Pinarello palmares that make it the most coveted frame brand on the market. As Fausto Pinarello once wrote, "a great bicycle can be great without a great rider. A winning bicycle brings together the expert of the artisan, the latest in technological innovation, a passion for the sport, and a fanatical attention to perfection."

Pinarello has earned a reputation for mastering new tubing technology before other builders even considered experimenting with it -- first Dyna Lite and Excell steel, then SC61.10a and V107 aluminum, and in recent years AK61 magnesium and 50HM1K carbon fiber are some of the cutting edge raw materials used by Pinarello in recent times to manufacture bikes with an exquisite knack for overwhelming their owners' most optimistic expectations. Each time we take delivery on one we unbox something with equal parts artistic inspiration and technical merit. Few frames in the market can match the Dogma Carbon and Paris Carbon for their balance of beauty and ride quality. And these traits trickle down the line of Pinarello bikes, where the FPQuattro, FP3, and FP2 live up to the same standards at more affordable prices. Even if you Don't have a ProTour-caliber sprint you can still delight in Pinarello's groundbreaking designs, their hardheaded attention to detail in production, and their delicious paint and finish-work.


The Italian brand has always sought to push the boundaries of what a road bike is capable of, seeking out new design and construction techniques and working with the latest materials and technologies.

Perhaps the greatest advancement made by Pinarello was its development of the asymmetrical road bike frame. The ‘Dogma’ was the first bike to feature a frame constructed specifically to provide greater rigidity when put under the uneven pressures of pedalling. The use of asymmetrical design is commonplace today, but it was arguably the Dogma that progressed bicycle design beyond symmetry.

Pinarello Cycling Products

Along with providing an all-conquering range of top end road bikes, Pinarello creates a number of other bicycles that cater to a range of ride styles, whether you are hitting the trails on a mountain bike, riding to work, or racing the clock in a time trial or dominating the bike leg of your triathlon there’s sure to be a bike in the range to suit your style.

In addition to bikes, Pinarello also has an in-house componentry brand Most, which provides the finishing components to the many of the brand’s bikes. The Italian brand also offers a stylish range of cycling clothing and caps, to help you look the business on your new ride.